12 must have features of a woocommerce template

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily create an online store on your website. When choosing a WooCommerce template, there are certain features that are considered essential for a functional and user-friendly online store. Here are some must-have features to look for in a WooCommerce template:

  1. Responsive design: The template should be fully responsive, meaning it should automatically adjust to different screen sizes and devices. This is important because a significant portion of online sales now come from mobile devices.
  2. Product page layout: The template should have a clear and well-designed product page layout that includes product images, descriptions, and pricing information. It should also include a functional add-to-cart button and options for product variations, if applicable.
  3. Shopping cart and checkout: The template should include a functional shopping cart that allows customers to view and edit their orders, as well as a secure checkout process that supports multiple payment options.
  4. Product filtering and sorting: The template should include options for customers to filter and sort products by category, price, or other attributes. This will help customers find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily.
  5. Product reviews: The template should include a functional product review system that allows customers to leave feedback on products.
  6. Product zoom: The template should include a product zoom feature that allows customers to view a larger version of product images by hovering over the image.
  7. Cross-selling and upselling: The template should include options for cross-selling and upselling products, such as related products, recommended products, and similar products.
  8. Product comparison: The template should include a product comparison feature that allows customers to compare different products side by side.
  9. Product wishlist: The template should include a product wishlist feature that allows customers to save products they’re interested in for later.
  10. Customizable: The template should be customizable in terms of layout, colors, fonts and other design elements to match your brand identity.
  11. Speed Optimized: The template should be optimized for speed and performance to ensure a smooth user experience and a better conversion rate.
  12. Support & updates: The template should be supported and updated by the developer to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce.

Keep in mind that not all templates may include all of these features with woocommerce plugins and that some may be more important than others depending on the specific needs of your online store. You can also check out our best woocommerce templates ranking page.

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